Selling 100 Autoblogs in Cryptocurrency Niche making $250/Month

100 Autoblogs making $250 USD per month

More info contact me on Telegram at: @autosplog

Nov 27, 2021

No fluff and straight to the point.

These Autosplogs or Autoblogs rank in google and get traffic. The real users that come to the Autoblogs are redirected to a cpa offer, while the search engine spiders get to see the content created with the Autosplog script. This method helps in redirecting all users to a user-friendly page, while the search engines get to see the crap content to index it in search engines down the road.

The Earnings & Traffic

As you can see, the 100 Autoblogs are making $250 USD per month.

As I'm redirecting all the traffic directly to a CPA offer, I don't have access to Google Analytics or Statcounter, but above you can see the traffic in daily users.

Of those clicks, lots of them are probably bots, scrapers, or even crawlers from different organizations.

I could filter a lot of those bots, but as long as my Affiliate Manager says it's ok, I won't filter the traffic. But if the buyer wanted, I could add the traffic filter at no extra cost.

GSC - How some of the sites perform

Though I can't add analytics to my sites due to the users being redirected to a cpa offer and not a landing page, I can still add SOME of the sites to GSC to see how they perform.

I didn't add all 100 autoblogs to GSC as I think if I added a small number of domains, it would give me a great idea of how the rest of the domains perform.

Though, I also added some Semrush screenshots to check the sites' performance.

I only have 10 daily semrush searches, so I couldn't post all 100 graphs from semrush. Download the GSC screenshots and SEMRUSH screenshots HERE, or using the button above.

The Price

As I think it's the first time Autoblogs are on sale, I am interested in selling them at a monthly multiplier of 10x, which at $250 per month, that is $2,500 USD.

Price: $2,500 USD (10x monlthy profit)

Payment Options: Bitcoin or Escrow

Buy Now! - Got questions? Want to Buy it? Contact Me!

Contact me on Telegram @autosplog

Questions? Or Want to Buy? Contact me on Telegram @autosplog or Skype at: live:.cid.8060e6eddc787dfb


These sites are on BRAND-NEW $1 Domains! You don't even have to buy those expensive $10+ domains!

As of right now, I have 100 brand-new domains getting tons of traffic to my CPA offer! :)


PRICE: $2,500 USD (10x monthly profit)

Pay with Bitcoin or Escrow

Contact me on Telegram @autosplog

Questions? Or Want to Buy? Contact me on Telegram @autosplog or Skype at: live:.cid.8060e6eddc787dfb